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Christmas Table Scapes

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Katalina Caban

Holiday Table Scapes 2023

‘Tis the season of enchantment – Christmas is here! With twinkling lights, a sweet aroma in the air, and the contagious holiday spirit, we find ourselves wrapped in joy. Among the many reasons we hold this time dear, there’s a special group that loves the art of decorating and playing host during the festive season.

If you’re anything like us, you might already be imagining the charming Christmas aesthetic you want to create this year. Whether you’re preparing for a delightful Christmas dinner party or simply enjoy adorning your table throughout the season, let us share some inspiration to add a touch of magic to your dinner table! 

A Vintage Chrsitmas

I don’t know about you all, but when we envision a vintage Christmas, it’s an eclectic paradise! The ideal aesthetic for those of you who are true-blue maximalists! This Christmas vibe is tailor-made for individuals who adore vibrant colors and a touch of eclecticism. Back in the 80s and 90s, Christmas trees were decked out with tinsel, adorable figurines, and a riot of brightly shining colors. To bring this aesthetic into the modern era, the key is to seamlessly blend the seemingly tacky with style! Embrace a playful mix of colors and patterns, hunt for vintage glassware and plates, and don’t shy away from injecting some funk into the festivities!

vintage table scapes, eclectic stablescapes

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A Traditional Christmas

The enduring charm of Christmas, dressed in the classic green and red palette, has a rich history spanning centuries and continues to be a beloved tradition that graces homes far and wide. We are big fans of this timeless aesthetic, that gives homes a touch of the classic green and red, adorned with subtle gold accents each year.

For those who might consider it a bit “old-fashioned,” let us share a thought. The beauty of the classic style lies in its adaptability, allowing us to breathe new life into it time and again. In our professional opinion, introducing a touch of metal, such as gold or silver, is an essential element when embracing this traditional aesthetic. Feel free to explore your creative side by experimenting with bows, greenery, flowers, and ornaments on your table. In this classic theme, there’s ample room for you to inject your own unique creative touch!

green and red christmas table setting

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A Winter Wonderland

Let’s acknowledge the undeniable magic that a winter wonderland brings – there’s a certain charm to it that’s hard to resist. The serene vibes of a winter landscape explain why this aesthetic is a go-to choice for many during the holiday season. What we really appreciate about this style is how versatile it can be.

The beauty of it all is in the mix of colors and themes that can be blended to capture the enchantment of winter. Creative folks enjoy playing with a palette of pink, blue, white, silver, and gold, infusing this aesthetic with life. It’s like having a canvas to create a scene of glamour and beauty! You’ll often find elements like furs, feathers, glass, and glitter adorning the winter wonderland tablescape, providing a lush backdrop for imaginative minds to work their magic. Where there’s creativity, a touch of magic is sure to follow!

winter table settings

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