Fashion Trends for Fall 2022

Article by:

Andrea Laporte

Fashion Trends for Fall 2022

Summer is coming to an end and fall is slowly approaching here in Texas. Fall means all our favorite things: cool weather, fuzzy blankets, pumpkin patches, and all the fashion. With that being said it is time to get closets ready! Choose your favorite trend from this list or play around with various ones. The options are endless when it means a fashion statement is in the works. Move over those t-shirts and shorts for some of these upcoming  fashion trends for Fall 2022: 


Leather pieces have always been a staple in our closets.  We’ve moved on from just a leather jacket, now we have leather skirts, tops, accessories, and pants. A mixture of an edgy leather piece with an added sense of femininity is on the rise for these upcoming months. If you dare to be bold, try a head-to-toe leather look. You’ll surely be the center of attention!



Clogs have made their way back into style yet again! From classic colors to bold prints, brands are really taking their own creative twist on these chunky shoes. We love how clogs can be paired with any style of outfit. The best part may be that clogs give the illusion of height like a heel but with a lot more comfort.


Maxi Dresses & Skirts

During the summer, mini skirts and dresses may have ruled the scene but as fall approaches it’s time to maximize. Not only do maxis give length but also movement and flow as we stroll around in the cool fall weather. The versatility of maxis allows you to dress them up for a night out, or dress them down for a casual look. 


Cargo Pants

For those that love pockets: cargo pants! Though these pants were once just seen as practical worker’s pants, brands have turned them into so much more. Cargos give the opportunity to mix a sense of masculinity through the pants and femininity through the top. They can be paired with crop tops, blouses, oversized button ups, t-shirts, etc. Streetwear officially meets the fashion world.