Harvest Elegance: A thanksgiving Tablescape Guide

Article by:

Mikayla Mullin

Oh my gourd! Thanksgiving is next week! Soon you’ll be gathering family and friends to your table. While the food may be the star of the show, no table is complete without decor. Here’s three helpful tips on making your Thanksgiving tablescape be one to remember! 

Table Runners

Pick a table runner. It will be the canvas for your decor, and the first step in crafting a theme for your table. Different table runners will bring in different aesthetics that you will carry throughout the rest of your table decor. Use a burlap runner for a rustic look, a terracotta runner in a sheer fabric for a vintage feel, or keep it simple with a cream linen table runner that will let your other decor shine.

Pro tip: Matching your napkins to your table runner will give your table a more cohesive look that looks like you spent hours planning!


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Adding candles will create depth to your table and draw people in; making your table even more inviting to your guests. But remember, there are many different options when it comes to adding a candle element, and your choice should follow the theme you’ve chosen. Tall ornate candlesticks will make your decor seem glamorous and old world, and depending on the material, they work whether you’re leaning into the vintage

or rustic aesthetic. If you’re wanting a more modern look, use a bigger candle either on its own or in a glass candle holder.

Floral Centerpieces

A floral element can be the main focus of the tablescape. As far as the vase goes, you can use any clear vase that you have on hand, but a gold vase goes well with fall florals. Or, if you want to fully lean into the fall aesthetic you can cut off the top of a plastic pumpkin and put the flowers in there. As far as finding the flowers, there are always a lot of great choices at Trader Joes or Central market. Look for marigolds, ranunculus, roses, or sunflowers, and don’t be afraid to add some greenery or dried elements to fill out the arrangement.