Savor the Season: MOuthwatering thanksgiving recipes to elevate your feast

Article by:

Mikayla Mullin

Thanksgiving can be a little stressful, but we’ve got you covered. Welcome to a world where delicious meets simplicity! this year we’re serving up quick and easy recipes that are big on flavor and short on prep time. Let’s dive into the joy of hassle-free cooking together! 


For an appetizer our go to is always the ever so popular charcuterie board. It’s always a hit and all it takes is unpacking your favorite meats, cheeses, nuts, and fruits and then arranging them. You can add as many, or as little elements as you want, so it can fit with any budget or time commitment. We’re loving this Cornucopia Charcuterie Board from Brit+Co


When people think of Thanksgiving side dishes, Green Bean Casserole is almost always on that list. It’s a quick and easy classic. We’re big fans of all of The Defined Dish recipes for Thanksgiving, but her take on the Green Bean Casserole is on the top of our list to make this year. Find it HERE


Is it us, or did Thanksgiving really sneak up this year? Life gets busy, so sometimes spending all day in the kitchen baking isn’t on our list of things to do. We’re so glad that we stumbled upon this hack for delicious Lazy Girl Brownies from Plays Well with Butter!

Now for the real star of the show – Pumpkin Pie! If you find yourself not having time to bake your own from scratch here’s a great tip – head down to HEB (or your local grocery store) grab a premade pumpkin pie, whipped cream and cinnamon. Before you head to your Thanksgiving dinner pop the pie in a cute pie dish, top with some whipped cream and sprinkle a little cinnamon and no one will ever know it wasn’t handmade; it will be our little secret 😉