Wedding Trends 2023

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Katalina Caban

Wedding Trends 2023

As the excitement of wedding season builds for those of us in Texas, seeking the perfect weather for our special day. We are  thrilled to reveal our absolute favorite wedding trends of 2023 that we believe will take center stage this season. In a world where traditions are evolving and creativity knows no bounds, these trends are sure to inspire unforgettable celebrations. Let’s explore the latest in wedding magic and make your big day truly extraordinary!

Theme Inspired Weddings

Theme inspired weddings have been all the rage! Creating a theme allows for you to create a blueprint for your wedding, and once you have a blueprint the creativity will start flowing. There are so many ways to create a theme, it can come from a location, a sense of style, a time period, or even an event that happens! A theme inspired wedding will produce a unique event that you will have fun planning! Which is the point of a wedding, right? To have fun!!!

Statement Aisles & Dance Floors

There are certain design choices in a wedding that will make a huge impression, and statement aisles/ dance floors are definitely at the top of the list! Think about it….your walk down the aisle to your forever person is a lifelong memory that you will hold. Which is why we think that spending the extra buck to make that aisle extra special will be a choice you do not regret. Lets also not forget how noteworthy a statement dance floor can be! When you think about it, the dance floor is where all the fun happens therefore where all the best pictures and memories are made. There are plenty of companies that will help you wrap your dance floor in your favorite pattern or color, so you can dance the night away in style.

Color & Texture

In recent years, blooming brides have been breaking tradition and letting their colors shine…literally. Colorful weddings have been a huge trend, and they are going nowhere (if anything they are getting more and more colorful.) However, there is strategy to planning a colorful wedding. Which is where an event planner can come in handy! We recommend determining a color palette that you want showcased on your big day and working from there. OR start by finding certain design pieces that you can bounce color off of and get creative with! This trend creates so much dopamine for your special day!

Vintage Wedding Cakes

There is one tradition that has managed to stick around all these years, and that is a wedding cake! And as you all know, old styles always come back in fashion…which is also true for the vintage wedding cake. Our brides have been loving the vintage wedding cake trend, and so have we! With that being said, there is nothing we love more than supporting local businesses for their craft. So if you are looking for the most spectacular vintage cake that also satisfies your bridal sweet tooth, check out Mad Cake & Company! The owner, Madalyn, will help you create a custom vintage cake that will surely impress you and your guests!