Wedding Trends for 2022

Article by:

Andrea Laporte & Ragan Wilson

Wedding Trends for 2022

Weddings have always been and always will be one of the most celebrated events in someone’s life. Though every culture has its own customs and traditions, the union of two people always calls for a gorgeous celebration. The beautiful thing about wedding trends is that they are constantly evolving. We’ve seen a lot of trends emerging this year, here are our top 4 trends for the 2022 wedding season:

Bridgerton Inspired Decor

The Netflix series, Bridgerton, has become one of the most popular shows on the streaming service. Its music, fashion, and stunning backdrop have inspired numerous trends in the last two years. One trend we’ve seen becoming increasingly popular is Bridgerton inspired weddings. From the soundtrack to the pastel color schemes, to whimsical and ornate details, and stunning floral designs, we are head over heels for this trend! 


Breaking Traditions

This year we’ve seen a lot of wedding traditions fade away and couples are embracing nontraditional weddings. Couples are ditching traditions like the garter and bouquet toss, multiple wedding toasts, the classic cake cutting, and muted color schemes. We are seeing new traditions emerge such as bright and vibrant color schemes, virtual save the dates, themed weddings, and forgoing seating charts / assigned seating. 


Round Ceremony Seating

We’ve all seen the classic set up where the couple stands at the front while guests admire them from the audience. A small downfall with this setup is that the guests only get a certain angle to view the ceremony. The introduction of the round stage gives a different perspective to guests. This way everyone can see and admire the couple from almost any angle. A round stage gives a feeling to the couple of being the absolute center of attention in the room. It also represents being surrounded by the love and support of friends and family.

Circle ceremony 1
circle ceremony 2

Signature Cocktails & Specialty Bars

While personalizing details of the wedding to show the likes/interests of the couple is nothing new, we’re starting to see this personalization in the bar. Signature cocktails have become increasingly popular over the years and are also evolving into specialty bars. 


These signature cocktails are hand chosen by the couple to tell some type of story. Normally named after the couple or a common interest they share. While you may think it’s just another Moscow mule, margarita, or bourbon sour…it’s so much more than that. It may be the drink they had on their first date, or a drink named after their pup. These signature drinks allow couples to add another personal touch to their special day. 


With the rise of signature drinks, we’ve also seen specialty bars become very popular. Specialty bars like a tequila or whisky bar create a fun and interactive spot at a wedding for guests to gather and mingle around.